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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the u.k. votes to leave the european union. what this means for the world markets and your wallet. san jose's own joey chestnut is looking to make history. we will talk to him live as he prepares for the fourth of july's hot dog eating contest. plus, christien kafton is live at the sonoma marin fair for the ugly dog contest, and we settle our bet with our sister station in cleveland. ♪[ music playing ]. >> a little song from widespread panic on this friday morning as we take a look at the big board there. the dow is down 453 points. the nasdaq down 150.
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s&p down 55. some investors may be panicking on this friday morning. other investors not panicking at all. with that welcome to "the 9". alongside sal castaneda, i am mike mibach. in for gasia mikaelian is rosemary orozco. >> yeah. >> good to have you, rosemary. >> welcome. >> happy friday. >> happy friday. >> tgif to all of you out there. >> i have to tell you, you guys, it was stunning that brexit passed because the pollsters said to wasn't going to. then last night twitter was blowing up. this is what happened. so we're going to talk a lot about that. >> we will. i also wanted to mention before we get into it, a wig wildfire in central california northeast of the bakersfield. 100 structures have been burned. it's been hot down there. humidity in the single-digits. >> they cannot catch a break because hot, drier weather moving back in in time for the weekend. we are going to see warmer weather as well. yes, definitely southern
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california. >> we will get some pictures in a bit. first, the results are in, and it was a shock. british voters chose to leave the european union. polls had predicted the opposite result, as sal mentioned. voter turnout was huge. 72% of registered voters casting ballots. the referendum to leave the e.u. won 52 to 48 percent. british prime minister david cameron pushed for his country to remain in the e.u. he says the will of the british people must be respected and he announced plans to resign by october. >> i will do everything i can as prime minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months, but i do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination. >> people who wanted britain to remain in the european union argue the country is strengthened by its association with the other 27 countries. they call the referendum to
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leave the e.u. a step backwards. >> the vote to leave the european union was motivated in large part by concerns over immigration. as a member of the e.u., any citizen from any other e.u. country could choose to live and work in britain. the leave campaign accused the immigrants of taxing britain's housing market, public services and employment rolls. many in the u.k. also believe european union lawmakers had too much control over laws. >> as we said at the top, turnout was big. 72% of more than 46 million registered voters came out. emotions very strong on both sides. this morning people who supported the leave campaign are celebrating what they are calling a big victory. others, especially europeans from other countries who are currently living in the u.k., are wondering what their future will be. >> absolutely wonderful. the best news ever. we want england to come back, great britain to come back as it was years ago, and it's going the same way we want it
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to go. >> the u.k. will not leave the e.u. immediately. a withdrawal agreement will need to be negotiated and that is expected to take two years or more. during that time britain would continue to abide by e.u. treaties and laws, but not take part in any decision-making. joining us via skype is economist and investment advisor ken winans. good morning. >> good morning. an interesting friday. >> i tell you that. it was an interesting thursday night. i couldn't keep my eye off the dow futures there sitting on the couch at home. it meant for a late night for me. what do you think, looking at the dow, 465 points down, what is your assessment at this moment? >> it depends what you are invested in. if you are in financial stocks, you're having an incredibly bad day. if you own utilities and bonds
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and preferred shares that pay high dividends, it's not that big of a deal. what's fun though to think about as an american is right now the dow is down 2, 2.5%. that's exactly how much the dollar went up against the pound. as an american you have lost nothing today. >> i wanted to ask you about, you know, today and tomorrow and maybe for a little while, the market will go down. but will it rebound here in america as people realize just what you have said? the dollar is strong and our economy is fundamentally improving, isn't it? >> well, it's funny. you get had half empty, half full scenario that begins to happen. people were blown off some of the weak economic data coming out over the last month, but, you know, it's not everything's weak. there were some reports such as yesterday new housing sales weren't quite as strong as everybody was hoping they would be. the problem that we have is we are going into earnings season over the next three weeks, and
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i have a feeling that any companies that administer numbers are probably going to start blaming something happening with the e.u. and with the u.k. so it could be bumpy through the rest of the summer. but with that being said, the companies that are doing well, the companies that have already made plans for this, i think you will find that they will probably come through the situation without having a big problem. and the stocks will probably be okay. >> from somebody who barely understands how this all works, do i need to contact my financial advisor? do i just ride the tide? what should i be doing? anything? >> i don't believe in just riding the tide. i never have. i think for those of us who went through 2008 and the dot- com bubble, riding the tide was a painful experience. when you get those quarterly reports that we're all gonna get soon on our 401(k)'s, don't just not look at them. look at them. what you want to look for is what is your exposure to foreign markets? and i don't believe there is
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one formula for everybody. you should say, you know, that's too much for me personally. i really don't like that much volatility. this would be a good time to have a talk with your investment advisor and decide how much exposure do you want with these kinds of events. >> you brought up 2008. when you compare the two, do you think that this news event across the world is more political? we will see more of a political fallout than you would a financial fallout as we did in 2008? >> well, i agree with that. i mean, 2008 was a highly levered mess, as we all remember it. it started here and went abroad. this will have a different flavor to it. what i mean by that is there is going to be a renegotiation of the relationship that the u.k. has with the world. it could net benefit the united states. now, the u.k. will be free to set new treaties and terms with the united states on banking and on -- certainly on any kind of trade. so in the long term it might
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net benefit us. but if you think about u.s. banks and the fact that they have a lot at stake in the current structure, we could find that a lot of employers could have some affects from this. >> investment advisor ken winans. thank you for your input. i know, guys, that a lot of people are going to be on the phone just as he said to their financial advisors today just asking the question, what should i do? should i change anything? it's a good idea. >> you are on the air doing traffic. people in the newsroom were on their 401(k)s seeing how much money do i have in foreign investments. what do you think? are you going to rearrange your 401(k) or take a peek at it or book a trip to london with the drop in the pound? let us know on twitter. tvuthe9. well, just a couple of hours ago the president released a statement on the u.k. referendum. the people of the united kingdom have spoken and we respect their decision.
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the special relationship between the united states and the united kingdom is enduring and the united kingdom's member in nato remains a vital cornerstone of u.s. foreign security and economic policy. >> the united kingdom and the european union will remain indispensable partners of the united states as they begin negotiating their ongoing relationship to ensure continued stability, security, and prosperity for europe, great britain, and northern ireland and the world. >> all right. the president's response to the u.k. vote comes as he is scheduled in less than two hours from now to address a crowd at stanford university. >> he is headed there to speak at a global summit. >> the event features several silicon valley companies as well as executives. ktvu's janine de la vega live inside stanford meeting hall with a preview of the president's speech. janine. >> reporter: mike, this is all about entrepreneurship here inside memorial auditorium, and there are hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs here and investors from all around the
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world. actually, i just spoke with hundred and he and many others in this room are very curious to see if president obama is going to talk about the global impact of the brexit decision. here is video of president obama arriving yesterday evening at moffett field. we know he has already released that statement that you just heard about britain leaving the european union. but whether he will bring it up at today's conference is unknown. but it's certainly a timely topic, especially because there are 700 entrepreneurs and 300 investors from the u.s. and many countries here to network and participate in workshops for ges, the global entrepreneurship summit. the president started the summit seven years ago to demonstrate the u.s. commitments to fostering entrepreneurship around the world that help build strong prosperous communities. president obama is going to be taking part in a discussion with business leaders, including facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg. he is also supposed to
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participate in a facebook live chat and a google portal virtual conversation with entrepreneurs. the president is staying in francisco at the better continental hotel. he is supposed to arrive at stanford add take the stage at 10:45. 10:45. >> janine de la vega live there at stanford. thank you very much. developing news out of central california now. a fast-moving wildfire has destroyed more than 100 structures. most of them homes northeast of bakersfield. the kern county fire department posted this video of the destruction. this wildfire really exploded overnight. it has now burned at least 8,000 acres while about 100 structures, including homes, did go up in flames. another 1,500 structures still remain threatened. three firefighters did suffer smoke inhalation. temperatures are expected to top 100 degrees this weekend
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with temps nearing 110 degrees by the middle of next week. we are off to one of the most destructive wildfire seasons in years. according to the national interagency fire center, through the first part of this calendar year nearly two million acres have burned in more than 23,000 fires. comparing that to acreage burned during the same time of the year over the last four years, you can see it is dramatically higher. and with that several fires burning now in southern california. we also have this to worry about. those dry gusty winds are coming back. you can see that area shaded in red. that is a red flag warning in place for the weekend. we are looking at winds gusting to 50 miles per hour coming in from the north, and we are looking that to help drive those temperatures 100 degrees, perhaps even 110 if those winds are really strong. so firefighters just are not going to get a break. next on "mornings on 2: the 9", thousands of people making their way to san francisco for pride celebrations. up next the extra security and
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street closures you can expect. and it's not exactly an endorsement, but bernie sanders is making a big announcement about hillary clinton. the decision he says has everything to do with beating donald trump.
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snoop welcome back and happy friday. a last-minute preparations underway in san francisco ahead of the weekend's pride celebration. >> one noticeable difference will be more security since the mass shooting in orlando almost two weeks ago. >> ktvu's brian flores with more on how people are feeling about this year's pride. >> reporter: well, considering the shooting in orlando, almost two weeks ago, many people we spoke with say it strengthens their resolve to show up to the pride festivities this weekend. i want to show you the preparations. we are on market between 7th and 8th. you see the barricades along the parade route. also the rainbow flags on
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market street and through through san francisco. this will be the safest pride ever, officials say. this is the 46th annual pride celebration in san francisco. businesses, bars and restaurants especially in the castro are gearing up for the busiest time of year for them. in fact we, stopped by cliff's variety store in the castro earlier. the owner tells us every year they order lots of rainbow flags, but by the end of saturday they are mostly sold out. pier 54 is also very busy with last-minute touches to the 30 floats that will line the route on sunday morning. >> everybody's working. it's kind of -- it's hectic, but we're getting it done. >> reporter: while pride is exciting and a great time for many, some are concerned considering the shooting in orlando again two weeks ago. one thing officials say you will notice is increased security. >> you are gonna have to go through metal wands or through metal detectors. so don't bring any bags. no weapons. no sharp knives. give yourself a little more
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time to come through. essentially, act like you are going to the airport to get on a plane. >> reporter: there will be road closures near civic center plaza and market street at 9:00 this morning. streets will reopen monday morning before the commute. now, i want to show you quickly some of the bigger pride events. the trans march tonight at six at dolores park. the celebration at civic center plaza kicks off tomorrow and will run through sunday. the annual dyke march from dolores park to the castro district at 6:00. as we take it back out here, the installation of the pink triangle set up on twin peaks starts tomorrow morning from 7 to 10:00 a.m. a commemoration ceremony at 10:30 at the civic center plaza as well. lots of events for san francisco pride this weekend. guys, back to you. >> all right. turning to the presidential race. bernie sanders has made an announcement about who he is going to vote for in member. he will vote for hillary clinton. sanders said, quote, i am gonna
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do everything i can to defeat donald trump. the vermont senator has not yet suspended his own campaign and has pledged to campaign through the democratic national convention, but this morning's announcement is the clearest sign yet he will support clinton. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", competitive eater and bay area native joey chestnut is hoping to make history at this year's hot dog eating contest. up next we talk to him live about how he prepares for such an event. an event.
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the fourth of july is right around the corner, and when it comes to nathan's famous internal hot dog eating championship in coney island, it's close. >> san jose's own joey "jaws" chestnut is going for a record ninth championship. >> and he joins us live now from a qualifying event in washington, d.c. joey, good
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morning. >> good morning. >> you got to be pretty fired up this year after kind of last year's shocker. have you been dwelling on last year over the past 12 months here? >> you know, i thought about it a lot. i wept back to the drawing board. i have put in some work. >> what does that mean? >> how many hot dogs can you eat? >> my record is 69. >> last year i got beaten like two hot dogs. i was eating like a child. this year i am a little more fit. i have been eating, practicing, and i found my big boss appetite that eight 69 hot dogs. now i feel like i will be able to break that 70 mark finally. it's gonna be a great day. >> what is it about competitive eaters? you look like you would have trouble eating three hot dogs let alone 30 or 60s. why are the competitors eaters
9:22 am
fit guys who look thin? you would think it would be the other way around. >> i am not really fit. i am not really thin. i love to eat. and, yeah, the hardest part for me to maintaining a fighting weight. the healthier i am, the harder i can push myself in a contest. and then that's obvious. you watch the bigger guys compete, they are winded. once you're winded, you slow down. i feel like this year i'm at my healthiest. >> i guess the first question that comes to mind when i see you is do you ever get a tummy ache? indigestion? how does it feel? >> every once in a while i get a little bit of heartburn. if my body is expecting to eat a massive amount and i -- if i am going to practice and decide not to go practice, then my stomach starts producing a ridiculous amount of acid. most of the time, my body digests it without too much
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trouble. i prep before every contest. i do a fast and make sure that the food knows -- my body knows how to digest it, a silly amount of hot dogs. >> when you are not at work and not competitive eating, you don't eat hot dogs, i take it. do you eat normally? what's it like? >> i eat a hot dog if i am at a baseball game, at an a's game. i love to go to -- yeah, if i am at home, i love -- i'll make salad. i make great salmon. i eat pretty healthy when i am not doing the contest, when i am not training. but long term my calorie intake can't be too high. >> when you say you eat salad, are we talking about kale? we talk about kale a lot in the bay area. are you a big kale fan? >> i eat some kale. but i like just romaine. romaine lettuce. >> i am with you on that. >> i love our california avocados. it's hard to beat. >> joey, i want to thank you
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for repping san jose and the beltway the way you do. you are a nationally known figure and you are always giving love to the bay area. we thank you for that. we see that. we wish you good luck on this event coming up. >> thank you. >> oh, we lost him! i had one more question for him. >> oh! >> good luck, joey. >> was that wrapping him? >> a 30-second thing. >> sorry, joey. >> bring him back home. >> joey is the man. he reps the bay area. >> he is. here is my question. i have a hundred questions for him. yes. so, you know, he has to make all that room in his stomach for all those hot dogs. how does he go back to just having a plate of salad? >> i don't know. you know, that may be the first thing he does. >> we will ask him that next year. today is freebie friday. today you can enter for a chance to win two tickets valid for the june 29, 2016, 7:30 p.m. performance of "beauty and the
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beast." go to our facebook page and click on the contest link to fill out the entry form. entries accepted until 11:59 p.m. tonight. you must be 18 years old and a legal residents of california to enter. each prize has a value of $190 and provided by shn. three winners will be selected. you can see the official rules at coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", he is a 14-year-old professional comedian. we talk live with lumpy as he moves from the stand-up stage to the small screen. we join ktvu's christien kafton as he meets some of the contestants for this year's world's ugliest dog contest. it is a contest followed by many around the world.
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welcome back everyone. time to check that twitter feed. we were asking you at the top of the newscast in regards to your 401(k)s and what's happening in the market, are you going to check is? >> vj says no to both. no to checking and no to changing. no point panicking based on this. now if trump wins, says vj, i might sell then. >> interesting. marcus henderson, i don't think so. i don't think you can do anything to protect your finances. >> what are you going to do, rosemary? >> i don't know. at the top we were talking about, wow, maybe a good time to visit london. i have never visited london. maybe i will take a trip. >> reach us here on "the 9" with the hashtag on twitter tvuthe9. a nice weekend. a mix of sun and clouds. let's bring in -- >> me! >> you're here. >> we are looking at her. >> really? >> yeah. >> [ laughter ]
9:29 am
>> i thought we were going someplace else. you are anchor and weather? >> we let steve start the weekend. here is a look at your bay area weekend. >> let's bring in our weatherperson, hello rosemary orozco! >> hey, sal, you ready for a warm-up? >> i am. >> that's coming our way. >> [ applause ] >> i even get an applause. is that for you or me? >> you. >> thanks. >> we have the sunshine for the afternoon today. this morning waking up with low clouds around the bay area, on the coast. temperatures for your afternoon very similar to yesterday. slightly warmer in some areas, but it won't compare to what's coming because we have temperatures back into the mid 90s saturday, sunday, monday. even lingering into tuesday far inland cities. going to be warm. going to be dry. >> all right. thank you, very much, rosemary. our meteorologist. well, anemic winter -- an epic winter for the resorts. time to break out the summer activities. >> yesterday heavenly resort
9:30 am
opened epic discovery. combining thrills with environmental education. >> we are joined by senior communications manager for heavenly kevin the coop man cooper. what are you doing, coop? looks like you are on the move here. >> yeah, i am on my way to work right now. i got to get up this morning. i got to ride this gondola each and every day to the discovery cam. it's fantastic here in this outdoor experience. interpretative learning experience. we have nine spectacular activities. we have an alpine mountain coasters. nine activities, including four rope coursers, challenges, a zip line. it is a great way to experience the monsoons year around up a here. it's a great time for sure. beautiful weather, too. >> the video looks fantastic as
9:31 am
we're rolling it while you were talking. how long did it take to put this together? did it take one year? a few years in the making? >> it's been about a ten-year project. >> ten years? >> yeah. six years ago we got the approvals. again, through the u.s. forest service. we had to go to congress and get what's called a sorpa act pushed through. we can use the mountain to educate the public on the ecosystem and then, two, on everything that's around us. any activities, it's not an amusement park. these are fun activities. good for the whole family. there is a rope course, which is challenging. we have ropes courses down to the little kids, down to three years old, or 38 inches. >> [ laughter ] >> okay. coop, you answered my question because, you know, some of us have small kids. can they be doing something and maybe i'll be doing something else? so there is something for everyone, right? >> yeah. one of the neatest programs, sal, is the hike with the
9:32 am
ranger. the u.s. forest service has rangers there each and every day. they work with the discovery day camp. it's not a daycare. it's a day camp for kids. so while you are doing some of the other features or maybe going on some of the other longer extended hikes, the discovery day camp is good for three years old all the way up to small teens. they do the challenges and talk about the ecosystem up here in lake tahoe. >> coop, let's talk about getting up there and having some fun. if i want to go up this weekend or next weekend, how are we looking? are you booked? >> you just show up at the base of the gondola. it opens up 9 a.m. every day. the activities open up at 10 a.m. $89 for a full day pass. that's all the activities. $49 for the kids. it's fabulous. it's really easy to do. it is beautiful behind me right now. about 68 degrees. justpast 9:30 in the morning. highs about 74. it's not packed. it is busy. summertime is busy up here.
9:33 am
come on up. beat the heat. >> coming up next month, have you jumped in the lake yet? >> each and every morning. i blew my ankle the other. >> oh! >> but i am back in this baby. look at that thing! >> all right. coop, have a good weekend. >> that looks fun. >> sure does. >> tahoe is always great. tonight the sonoma fair is holding the world's ugliest dog contest. >> for 28 years the contest has shown that dogs do not have to be an award-winning pedigree to be man or women's best friend. ktvu's christien kafton is checking out some of the contestants. what are you seeing so far, christien? >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are here at the world's ugliest dog contest at the sonoma marin fair. 17 contestants tonight. we will talk with kathy kennedy first with precious.
9:34 am
tell us about precious. >> well, precious is nine years old. her birthday is april 7th. last year we took the spirit award, since it's a joint award between the dog and owner. and precious visits vets and cheers them up and she also is trained to be a diabetic service dog. >> reporter: if we could put precious down. she has an unusual walk. >> okay. come on, precious. precious. come on. >> reporter: they say never work with dogs and kids because they never do what you want them to do what you want them to do it. hi, precious. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: okay. and so precious competing tonight at 6:00, right? >> yes. >> reporter: gonna be competing against rascal. dane, you are with rascal. tell us about rascal. rascal is a unique looking dog. >> to me he is the most handsome dog in the world.
9:35 am
he is from a long line in dynasty to come and compete. this is my 40th year at this competition. and he is from a lineage of winners here. his original grandfather chi chi is in the guinness book of world records for winning seven times here. rascal has a new video out, and he was on "america's got talent." we set a world record on there for doing some fun stuff. >> reporter: i got to give you credit. look at this. guys, he has campaign posters. he is really working hard here. so how about does rascal do any tricks? >> he kind of sits there and waits for food. we are gonna unveil him. he get to see his true ugliness all at once here. i hope it doesn't break the lens. all right. there is rascal from sunnyvale. >> reporter: i got to tell you, guys, this is supposed to be an ugly dog contest. i think the dogs are cute. you know what? like i said, i think he is handsome. i wouldn't own an ugly animal. i think he is beautiful.
9:36 am
so the uniqueness and everyone having fun. it's for a good cause. we want to get the message out to spay, rescue and neuter. i wouldn't have rascal if it wasn't for rescues. >> reporter: a couple of great competitors. this, guys, what they are competing for, take a look, i wanted to give you a sense of the scale of this. look at the size of this trophy. this is unbelievable. and if you take a look, as you come on in, randy come in so people can see. that contest kicks off at the sonoma marin fair today 6 6:00. if you have an ugly dog at home, it's too late. >> i wanted to trify. >> i love the contest. no ugly dogs out there. they are all good looking. at just 14 years old our next guest is taking over the stand-up comedy circuit. >> eat your heart out, trump.
9:37 am
[ laughter ] >> lumpy the comedian has been on stages in new york, l.a., and this weekend he is here in the bay area at pittsburg's historical california theater. >> he just told me is at cobbs now. >> oh, okay. >> that's not all he is starting in. commercials. shot a pilot with fox with andy samberg. 14 years old and you are headlining shows. that's got to be awesome. >> it's great. >> when did you decide to go, you know what? >> i can do this? >> it was like second grade? >> it was like my whole life i have had a crowd around me. i love being the center of attention. i love comedy. >> most people would say, sure. when you grow up. at what point did you say i can do this now? >> probably when i was 11. yeah, when i was 11 i went to the comedy camp.
9:38 am
that's where i got my start. i graduated. he gave me some shows at the laugh factory for big comedians, dane cook. and after that i went to the what-a. they really helped me. >> so when you do the shows, like dane cook, do you get to interact with them? >> yeah. >> any advice from those guys. >> they say keep at it, man. you're great. you're great. your stage presence is terrific. our confidence on stage is terrific. >> did you have to learn how to be funny? you know, learn how to do a stage act? being funny in front of your relatives is one thing. taking it to the stage is a different thing. >> it's a writing process. that's all it is. that's all there is to it. >> do you pinch yourself and think, wow, am i really here at such a young age? >> yeah, sometimes. >> what about when it's just like silent in the audience? >> when it's silence. >> i am sure that's never happened to you. maybe once or twice? >> you got to get over that.
9:39 am
if you, like, just -- you're always like thinking about it, like wow, they didn't laugh at my jokes. you got to get over that right away and you got it -- if that joke doesn't work, you come up with a new joke. that's all it is. >> you have a pilot with andy samberg on fox. tell us about that. >> that is actually about like an awkward type of middle school scene, now he? >> that we can't talk about? >> kinda. >> [ laughter ] >> all right. >> are you involved -- just curious because of your age. are you still involved in school, in high school right now? >> yes. >> taking classes? >> yeah. >> how do you focus on chemistry? are you scribbling down jokes when you are getting the lesson plan from the teacher? >> sometimes, yeah. it works out perfectly because i got school during the day and the shows during the act. i am an actor, too, as well. so some days i might have an audition or two. so i will just get out early. >> where do you pull your
9:40 am
material from? >> from family. >> every day life? >> yeah. it's great. my family is pretty crazy. really crazy. >> why do you say that? i know your dad. he is a great guy despite the dodger hat. >> all right. >> so when it comes to being in high school, are you a normal high school student or do people expect you to like, you know, tell a joke at the drop of the hat? >> people expect me to tell jokes. a lot of girls like come up to me, hey, make my day please. tell me a joke. stuff like that. >> we love you lumpy. >> yeah. i miss you. >> lumpy is playing at cobb's comedy club. 10:15. more information at ktvu at the web links section at the top of the page. >> lumpy is the man. congratulations. we will be right back after the break. break.
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tomorrow san francisco is hosting the uncorked wine festival event featuring more than 150 wines and food pairings. >> there will be live music and a photo booth and tickets are still available. a portion. proceeds of ticket sales goes to the non-profit san francisco bike project. >> a look at some of the pairings you can expect to find. let's send it over to mike with more. >> thanks, guys. i am with naomi smith. welcome. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. a little bit about yourself. you have been in the pacific northwest for a little bit? >> born and raised. i have lived here for about six years. >> okay. and you love champagne and cheese? >> i mean, who doesn't really, at the end of the day? >> just the type of person i like to hang out with. what do we have here first?
9:44 am
>> we have our beautiful brut. we are pairing that with a penny royal farm. it's a sheep and goat milk cheese. >> i am not really into that. i will do this for you, naomi. where did you find your love for cheese? >> take a bite of the cheese and take a sip of champagne and then you tell me what you think. >> you have been in love with cheese for? >> i think i was born loving cheese. then after i grew up a little bit, i became in love with champagne, too. >> that's actually good. i would not order that cheese. but now i would. thank you for letting plea indulge. >> that's the beautiful thing about good pairings. they can elevate each other. so if you are not a big fan of one, which would be shocked if you weren't a fan of our rose champagne, you try it with marin french -- actually, get the paste part. don't get the rind for your first bite. this is marin french cheese.
9:45 am
it's a triple cream bleu. it's luxurious. >> i like triple creams. i am not plugging anyone else's. mount tam by cowgirl, my goodness gracious. what's the history behind the champagne? >> it goes back to 1812. >> that's a while. >> it's a fantastic family. alexandria and stephanie are running the show. and they are in a town called tursalmir. >> that is my favorite so far. >> then i know that you don't care for blue cheese. >> right. you took the time to come in. >> sugar loves mold. this is our demi. it has 40 grams per liter of sugar. it's sweet tart. it's not heavy. put some of this in your mouth. >> it's coming.
9:46 am
keep going. >> and basically what it is, it's gonna kind of soften up the pungent flavors. >> it does. you are a triathlete? >> yes. i have done a few triathlons. >> for people who exercise, the champagne cheese diet, one that works for you? >> you know what? here is the thing. i am a big fan of reward. so if you are doing an intense workout, i like to think about what i'm going to reward myself with at the end of that event. if it's champagne and cheese that you usually is a great motivator, it's worked for me so far. >> the event this weekend? >> uncorked sf. >> these came from cheese plus. we have posted more information for you on our website at regarding the uncorked wine festival. naomi, thanks for coming in. i think i will hang out here a
9:47 am
little bit more. >> thank you, mike. it's freebie friday. today we are taking a look at the headlines we're covering here at ktvu during this time in the year 2000. check it out. >> intense pressure from the clinton administration. the senate passed the hate crimes measure today. >> we will resist prejudice and discrimination and hatred and bigotry that are the basic seeds ever the hate crime of passion that is so evident in this country. >> supporters of the bill cited the beating death of 21-year- old matthew sheppard. a gay college student in wyoming. that state has no hate crime statute. the new legislation would clear the way for federal prosecutors to try the case. >> weekend raven party at santa clara county fairgrounds ended early with as many as seven young people hospitalized after overdosing on the drug ecstasy.
9:48 am
>> ambulance after ambulance began to arrive to take people away at about 1 a.m. this raven party was open to people of all ages, including young teenagers. doctors say a 13-year-old girl is fighting for her life. >> she took multiple drugs. we were not able to talk to her. this isn't exactly a college or a university, but here in this courtroom in the san francisco hall of justice today, judge julie kang held graduation ceremonies. >> [ applause ] >> i learned being an addict, you know, you can't be an addict and be humble, you know? >> [ applause ] >> six years since drug court began. 200 addicts have participate inside the program. the judge says about 5% have returned to drugs. the rest have graduated to show briety. the monterey peninsula played host today to one of the greatest individual performances in sports history.
9:49 am
tiger shot a bogey free day. a new u.s. open record of 271 over 72 holes. the victory was the largest margin ever in any major golf championship. hard to put into words and describe the emotions that are going through me. >> wow. i went to see that in person. where does the time go? coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9", we are going to talk to the cleveland station that we made the bet with when the warriors -- we'll talk about that coming up. we'll take a break and we will be right back.
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9:52 am
we have some new details this morning on how bart police plan to crack down on riders who take up too much space on trains. "the chronicle" reports people who take up more than one seat can be questioned by police and have a background check done. now, bart police want to make sure they are being fair to riders to avoid profiling or harassment complaint. the new ordinance is scheduled to take effect september 1st. darth vader is back. he will officially appear in rogue one. a star warriors story.
9:53 am
voice actor james earl jones will return as the black-clad villain. rogue one, a "star wars" story, will be released in december. that's awesome news. there are a lot of things parents will do to try to make their kids settle down, including taking out a full- page ad to find a wife for your 48-year-old son. that's exactly what the father of a health store businessman did. he spent $900 to print the ad in the newspaper near the son's home in idaho. the ad says brooks' father is looking for a woman between 34 and 38 and would be willing to have kids as soon as possible. the father is offering to pay for round trip tickets to salt lake city to meet his son. barron brooks had no idea about the add. want to bet they had a nice little conversation after that
9:54 am
happened. the oakland a's got revenge against tim lincecum. about a week after lincecum beat them in oakland, the a's got the best of timmy down in anaheim. marcus siemian hit a three-run home run in the second inning and lincecum only lasted three innings. in the fifth, the a's's chris davis hit his 17th home run of the season. the a's win 5-4. the giants, joe panik, he has been hot at the plate. he hit a bases clear triple in the third inning against the pirates yesterday. williamson added an rbi single to give the giants four runs in the inning. williamson 3 for 4. the giants won 5-3 to take that series against the pirates. and the warriors started out with one pick in last night's nba draft and ended up with two with the 30th pick of the first round the defending western conference champions chose vanderbilt center damien
9:55 am
jones. he just underwent surgery for a torn pectoral muscle and may not be ready for training camp this september. the warriors bought a second- round pick from the milwaukee bucs for $2.4 million. they chose unlv sophomore swingman patrick mccaw. before the finals began between the warriors and cavaliers gasia made a little bet with our sister station in cleveland. check it out. >> so we were thinking you guys could do the lebron chalk toss. that sound fair? >> yeah, yeah. i mean, whatever you throw out, honestly it, it doesn't matter because it's going to be u guys who are going to be, you know, on the receiving end of the loserness that's gonna happen. you know how steph curry choose on that mouthpiece. you have to anchor with a mouthpiece hanging out of your mouth when the warriors once genuine the nba finals against the cleveland cavaliers. >> ouch.
9:56 am
so since gasia is conveniently on vacation, we are settling the bet for her. let's send it out to mike and rosemary, who are currently sporting some rather unfortunate and not very good looking shirts. >> first, i want to say something. i am angry. i am disgusted. i think it looks terrible on me. a bet's a bet. what i'm mad about is that gasia is not here. she makes that bet. after game 7 she takes off on vacation. rosemary's got to come in and fill her spot. and hats off to you, rosemary, as you put on the all for one, one for all shirt. how do you feel? >> not feeling so well. it's a good thing i look good in this color. >> you do. i just don't like the words on it. that's okay. they talked about a chalk toss. to all you people in cleveland, our sister station, a bet's a bet. i will have alan come in here, and rosemary i will grab you some chalk here. just pour it in your hands. >> all right. >> grab a little bit there. >> would you like some? >> i will get some. also just to foreshadow,
9:57 am
cleveland, all you guys out there, indians-giants. wait for october. it will be a nice little payback as we win another world series. here we go. i got some in my hand. we will do it. one, two, three. ready? one, two, three! [ applause ] . >> there you go. cleveland. congratulations. back to you. >> glad that is over with. >> we will see you on our next newscast. newscast.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you state, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! ♪ [ wild cheers ] ♪ >> wendy: ta-da. here we are! thank you for watching our show. say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience.


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